Grayscale Kitchen Design Done Right: 9 Gorgeous Color Combos

Looking to update your kitchen with grey cabinets? Find out what color walls pair best with grey cabinets to create a cohesive and stylish look. From neutral whites and beiges to bold blues and greens, we've got you covered with the top wall color choices for grey kitchen cabinets.

Gray kitchens are all the rage right now, and for good reason! They can be done in a variety of ways, with a variety of colors, to create an endless number of looks. In this blog post, we will discuss 9 different color combinations that look great with gray kitchen cabinets.

9 Different Color Combinations That Look Great With Gray Kitchen Cabinets

There’s something about gray kitchen cabinets that has us absolutely swooning. Maybe it’s the fact that they pair so beautifully with nearly any other color, or maybe it’s because they have a certain sophistication that other colors simply don’t. Whatever the reason, we just can’t get enough of them!

If you’re thinking of painting your kitchen cabinets gray, or if you’re simply looking for some inspiration for your next kitchen renovation, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re sharing 9 different color combinations that look great with gray kitchen cabinets. Trust us, your kitchen will thank you!

1. Gray and white

There’s nothing more classic than a gray and white color scheme. It’s clean, crisp, and always looks chic. If you want to add a little bit of interest to your space, then consider using different shades of gray on your cabinets and island. You could also add a pop of color with accessories or appliances in shades of yellow or blue.

2. Gray and black

For a truly dramatic look, pair gray cabinets with black countertops or appliances. This color combination is perfect for those who love to entertain, as it creates a sophisticated and glamorous vibe. Just be sure to add plenty of lighting to avoid a cave-like feel in your kitchen.

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3. Gray and wood

Gray cabinets look beautiful when paired with natural wood accents. This combination creates a warm and inviting space that is perfect for family gatherings or casual dinners with friends. If you want to keep things light and airy, use pale wood tones like maple or birch. For a more rustic feel, opt for darker woods like cherry or walnut.

4. Gray and stainless steel

For a modern and sleek look, pair gray cabinets with stainless steel appliances and fixtures. This impersonal combination is perfect for those who love to cook, as it creates an uninterrupted workspace that is easy to clean. Plus, it looks fabulous when paired with other neutral colors like white or black.

5. Gray and gold

For a glamorous twist on the classic gray and white combination, add touches of gold throughout your kitchen. Gold fixtures, pendant lights, and hardware all look stunning when paired with gray cabinets. Plus, this color combination is timeless and will never go out of style!

6. Gray and navy

Navy blue offers a classic yet bold look that pairs beautifully with gray. Whether you use navy for your walls, an island, or accents throughout the kitchen, it will instantly add depth and drama to the space. Just be sure to keep other colors to a minimum so that the navy stands out.

7. Gray and yellow

Yellow is a happy and cheerful color that looks fabulous when paired with gray. Whether you use bright lemon yellow or a muted mustard hue, it will instantly bring life to your kitchen. Add pops of yellow in the form of accessories, art pieces, or even walls for a truly unique look.

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8. Gray and aqua

Aqua is a subtle yet stunning color that looks great with gray cabinets. Create an airy and refreshing space by painting your walls aqua and pairing them with silver or chrome fixtures. For a bolder look, add pops of aqua with accessories or kitchen appliances.

9. Gray and turquoise

Turquoise has a unique and vibrant quality that looks beautiful when paired with gray cabinets. Create an eclectic space by using different shades of turquoise for your walls, island, or accents throughout the kitchen. Just be sure to keep other colors to a minimum so that the turquoise stands out.

Pro Tip: Look at a few websites like Coolors for even more color combinations to pair with gray kitchen cabinets.

No matter what color combination you choose, your kitchen will look stylish and sophisticated with the perfect shade of gray.

How to Choose the Right Color Scheme for Your Kitchen

Choosing the right color scheme for your kitchen can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider, from the style of your home to the amount of natural light in the space. But with a little bit of planning, you can create a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect color scheme for your kitchen:

1. Consider the style of your home. If you have a traditional home, you may want to stick with classic kitchen colors like white or cream. If your home is more modern, you can experiment with bolder colors.

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2. Think about the amount of natural light in your kitchen. If it is a bright space, you can get away with using darker colors. But if it is a dimly lit room, lighter colors will help to brighten it up.

3. Consider your personal style. Do you prefer a more formal look or a more relaxed feel? This will help you narrow down your color choices.

4. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can always paint samples on the wall to see how they look before making a final decision. And remember, you can always repaint if you don’t like the results!

3 Tips for Pairing Colors With Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what colors will look best with your gray kitchen cabinets. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or something bold, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure that the color combination looks great.

1. Use Neutral Colors: Neutral colors like white, black, and brown are always a safe choice when pairing colors with gray. You can also use softer shades of these colors to create a subtle and calming look.

2. Use Bold Colors: If you want to make a statement, try pairing your gray cabinets with bold colors like red, orange, or even yellow for an eye-catching look. Just be sure not to overdo it by using too many colors.

3. Use Accents: Adding accents of color to your kitchen, such as a brightly colored backsplash or wall art, is a great way to add some personality without overwhelming the overall look. You can also use metallic accents like silver or gold for an added touch of sophistication.

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How to Accessorize Your Gray Kitchen

If you have a gray kitchen, you may be wondering how to accessorize it. There are many ways to do this, and it all depends on your personal style. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Add color with window treatments, rugs, or wall art.

2. Introduce texture with baskets, throws, or pottery.

3. Bring in greenery with plants or flowers.

4. Create a focal point with a piece of furniture or an interesting appliance.

5. Use lighting to create a warm and inviting space.

No matter how you choose to accessorize your gray kitchen, make sure that it reflects your personal style.

In conclusion, gray kitchen cabinets can provide a stunning and sophisticated look to any kitchen space. There are many different color combinations that can be used to create a unique and beautiful kitchen design. Gray cabinets can be paired with a variety of colors, including white, black, blue, green, and even red. With so many options available, it is easy to find the perfect color combination for your kitchen.


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